Camping with Private Plumbing Included!

Enjoy the convenience with private bathroom facilities on our camping pitches. Exclusive access to a private toilet, shower and sink. So convenient in the middle of nature. For added convenience, these pitches are equipped with electricity connections, water facilities and a TV connection. Our pitches with private sanitary facilities are located on car-free fields, allowing you to enjoy the space without cars on your pitch.

Amenities on Pitch with Private Sanitary Facilities:

🚿 Private Plumbing: Your own toilet, shower and sink at your fingertips.
Electricity: Take advantage of electricity connections at your camping spot.
🚰 Water Facilities: Water readily available on your plot.
📺 TV Connection: Relax with entertainment in your own camping spot.
🌳 Car Free Camping: Enjoy peace and quiet without cars in your camping spot.
🚗 Parking Facility: Easily park your car in the designated parking lot at the edge of the field.

The Arrival: Conviviality and Nature

Upon arrival, you are greeted by a beautiful field surrounded by greenery. Here, away from the daily craziness, you will find your own place and can relax just like your neighbors who also love that cozy vacation feeling. The connection with people and nature begins with the very first step.

The Place: All the Space

Your camping spot is spacious and equipped with its own toilet, shower and sink. The comfort of your own bathroom in the midst of nature provides a sense of luxury while still having the fresh outdoor air around you.

The Evenings: Under the Starry Sky

When evening falls, ignite a crackling campfire by the covered fire pit. Here you share laugh-out-loud moments, roast marshmallows and enjoy the warmth of the fire. The sound of babbling water from the nearby stream provides a soothing background melody.

Awakening: Fresh and Fruity

You wake up peacefully. After a refreshing shower in your private bathroom, you are ready to embrace the day. Today a fun outdoor activity is on the Program. Maybe one more cup of coffee, then off you go for real.

The Experience: Relaxing

comfort nature and cosiness on our pitches with private sanitary facilities. Your adventure awaits - book today and experience your own camping story!

What is provided in the private bathroom?

In the private bathroom you will find a shower, sink and toilet.

Is there connection of water?

Yes there is connection of (drinking) water on the pitch. You can also discharge dirty water.

How many amps of electricity are there?

Each pitch is equipped with a 10 amp electricity connection point.

Museums and Châteaux

While visiting the Belgian Ardennes, it is of course fun to explore the area. About 3.5 kilometers from the camping site lies Chateau Franchimont. This castle is an exceptional heritage with a rich history dating back to the 11th century.

In addition to many castles in the area, you will also find several museums in the area. Just 11 kilometers away you will find the Darcis chocolate museum. This museum takes you on a journey to the origins of chocolate. From the Mayan temple to the French revolution, everything passes by and in doing so you will learn everything about chocolate.