Practical and well-equipped sanitary facilities at Camping Polleur

At Camping Polleur, we offer practical and well-maintained sanitary facilities that perfectly meet the needs of our campers. Our two washrooms are carefully designed and regularly cleaned so that you can enjoy a pleasant stay.

Spacious Shower Facilities

Our showers are spacious and equipped with convenient benches, splash screens and clothes hooks. Hot water is accessible free of charge between 7:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m., without the hassle of tokens. A fresh shower here is a comfortable experience.

Private Washrooms and Toilet Rooms

For added privacy and convenience, we offer private washrooms with hot water and electrical outlets (220v-6A). And the restrooms have plenty of toilet paper, so you don't have to worry about anything.

Efficient Dishwashing Room with Free Hot Water

Our dishwashing area provides you with free hot water, making it easy to clean your belongings after a tasty meal. Also discover our convenient dishwashing machines for added convenience.

Special Facilities for Children

We have thought of the youngest campers. There is a children's area in both washrooms, with the one by the pool offering a special area with a baby bathtub. The rear sanitary building has a children's toilet and a lowered sink.

Accessible Sanitary Facilities for the Disabled

In one of the buildings we have adapted toilet and shower facilities for the disabled. Feel free to ask for the key at the reception desk. We want to offer a comfortable stay to all our guests, and therefore this facility is exclusively for disabled people.