Code of Conduct

Dear guest of Domaine Polleur,

Instead of house rules, we prefer to call it a code of conduct. There are some people who think that house rules are the same as "home rules. This is usually okay, because we think that these 'home rules' usually do not differ that much from our code of conduct. Nevertheless, to avoid misunderstandings, we hereby provide you with our code of conduct:

Speed and traffic signs
We aim for a maximum speed of 10 mph on our outdoor sites, at the mansion and campsite . This is set for the safety of yourself, your children and/or other campers and group members. 10 km/hour is slow, very slow, but then again, you are on vacation! Besides the 10 km signs, we have some other traffic signs, please respect them.

In order to give all guests the opportunity to rest during their stay, we request that you maintain silence from 11:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m.. By the way, this is the same time period during which the barrier at the entrance/exit is closed. In order not to cause any nuisance to your "near and/or distant" neighbors, both during the day and at night, it is not desirable that your (car) radio, TV, singing, instrument or other sound-producing-sources are clearly audible at more than 8 meters from your pitch. Young people are urgently requested to stay after 23:00 in their own accommodation or specifically for camping guests: in the disco.

Water is a scarce commodity. From the taps (and showers) comes drinking water, almost equivalent to 'Spa blue'. To avoid wasting drinking water, we would like to ask you not to let your children play with drinking water, we have a beautiful stream running alongside our accommodations with more than enough water to play with. To save the environment, all toilets on the campsite are flushed with water from the stream.

The stream (the Hoegne) that flows past the accommodations is protected nature reserve, for this reason no dams may be built in it. Fishing is not allowed without fishing permits. These permits can be obtained from the municipality of Theux and the tourist office in Spa, you will (unfortunately) need both. There is regular control by the forester.

Light alcoholic beverages are sold only to persons over the age of 16. Heavy alcoholic beverages are sold only to persons over the age of 18 (identification may be requested). Alcoholic beverages may only be consumed in the catering facilities or in/near your own accommodation. It is not permitted to consume alcoholic beverages at the pool area. Consumption of alcoholic beverages while walking around our grounds is not permitted.

It is the intention that you deposit your garbage in the large container that you can find at the entrance exit of the campsite or in the designated place on your accommodation. Glass and paper must be separated and can be deposited in the appropriate container which is next to the large container (camping). Litter is an eyesore! We strive to keep the grounds as clean as possible. Unfortunately, during the "traditional" paper picking, the largest amount of litter consists of candy wrappers, cigarette butts and beer caps. We therefore kindly ask you to keep litter to ZERO.

Dog waste
You can let your dog out in the woods on the other side of the connecting road (above the campsite). Should your dog, by accident, do his business earlier, please clean it up yourself with a plastic bag, newspaper and/or a bucket of water. At the laundromat you will find a dog waste bag dispenser.

Driveways and exits
The access and exit ramps are one-way streets, please respect this! For safety reasons, children are not allowed to use go-karts and bicycles on the ramps of the entrances and exits of the accommodations/terrain. If this does happen with go-karts or bikes, the children will be handed over to their parents or and the (rental) go-kart or (rental) bike will be confiscated without a refund of the rental fees.

In conclusion
Resolve conflicts among yourselves correctly, remain courteous and calm. People's character is different, but everyone wants to have a pleasant stay here. Together we work towards that goal. If you are not satisfied, please report it as soon as possible. We may have overlooked something, but we are only human. We can only deal with your comments if you report them to us personally. The Domaine Polleur team will always be willing to find solutions within a framework of possibilities and reasonableness.

We try with this code of conduct to make your stay and the stay of other guests as pleasant as possible. If you are bothered by your neighbors or other campers, please always report this to reception. We take your complaint seriously and will try to solve it (your complaint will always remain anonymous towards other campers).