Cheap camping Ardennes

Looking for cheap camping in the Ardennes? Camping is and remains one of the cheapest forms to spend the vacation in a fun way. Therefore, Camping Polleur has everything to offer to spend a top vacation. Our campsite is located in the village of Polleur, near Spa. If you stay with us, you can enjoy the beautiful nature of the Ardennes. For a soft price, you can stay in one of our accommodations and take advantage of the many facilities of our campsite. Guaranteed an enjoyable vacation for young and old!

Facilities cheap camping Ardennes

With us you can camp cheaply and still enjoy all the facilities Camping Polleur has to offer. These facilities are very extensive for such a cheap camping Ardennes. You will find a disco for the youth, various sports facilities, catering facilities, wireless internet and even a swimming pool. We also have a playground so small children can romp around. Moreover, you can also enjoy our swimming pool. Near the pool is a slide as long as 32 meters! The pool is open daily from May to early September.

Facilities cheap camping Belgium

Furthermore, just a few minutes walk from the campground there is a fishpond and a small river meandering past the campground. Naturally, you can count on clean sanitary facilities that are completely up-to-date. You can always take a nice hot shower in clean surroundings. Everything you need for a pleasant camping stay can be found at Camping Polleur for a cheap price. In addition to our cheap camping, we also offer various outdoor activities such as caving, kayaking, but we also have fun activities for the little ones.

Cheap camping

In the summer you can camp with us from as little as €9.80 per family per night. Click here for an overview of all our rates and take a look at our special offers. As you can see, a cheap campsite with pool, in the beautiful Ardennes does not have to be expensive. Moreover, as a camping guest of Polleur, you also benefit from several other attractive discounts. Such as free booking when you go on a survival trip in the area.

Don't wait any longer and book your pitch right away.

? What does it cost to come and camp for a night?

In the summer you can camp with us from as little as €9.80 per family per night. Of course depending on your accommodation and time period.

? What facilities do you have as cheap camping?

Camping doesn't have to be expensive with us and still enjoy various amenities such as a swimming pool, clean washrooms, bar/bistro, mini-market, disco and more.

? Can I bring my pet to the campsite?

Pets are allowed in all accommodations; there are no exceptions. The pets must only not cause a nuisance to other campers.