General conditions

Please find below the general terms and conditions of Domaine Polleur.
General (reservations) terms and conditions Domaine Polleur.
1. Arrival and departure
The arrival and departure times of your reserved place or accommodation are listed
on the website and/or your confirmation.
2. Price
The rates listed on the website are the currently valid prices, but are not binding. The rates in the brochure are
generally valid for the calendar year in question. The communicated rates in the brochure
are subject to any printing errors, unforeseen changes in VAT surcharges/ levies
/government surcharges or actual obvious errors , permanently unchanged during the
respective calendar year with the exception of offers/ promotions. Online (website)
rate calculations are not binding if different from the applicable rates in the brochure.
Domaine Polleur reserves the right to change prices and/or charge a surcharge, for example as a result of (but not limited to) a change in energy prices.
3. Reservation
Reservations can be made via the website, by phone or at the front desk. Online reservations are not
binding, upon arrival binding changes can be made according to the general
conditions and applicable rates in the brochure.
4. Payments/ombook guarantee/voucher
4.1 Payment terms
Upon receipt of confirmation, 50% of the total rental fee is due within 1 day.
Payment of the balance must be credited 6 weeks prior to the date of arrival
be on the account or cash/debit card to be paid at the campsite. For a reservation date
which is within 6 weeks before the arrival date, the total amount must be paid in full 1
day after booking. Payment must always be made in full prior to stay
at Domaine Polleur. If payments (in whole or in part) are not made by the time we
certain terms, we reserve the right to charge additional fees or the
cancel reservation in full.
4.2 Reservations made from 2021 for 2021 season the following applies:
Upon receipt of confirmation, 15% of the total rental fee is due within 1 day.
Payment of the balance must be credited 6 weeks prior to the date of arrival
be on the account or cash/debit card to be paid at the campsite. For a reservation date
which is within 6 weeks before the arrival date, the total amount must be paid in full 1
day after reservation.
4.4 (Corona) voucher (for voucher already issued in 2020 season)
You will receive from us a voucher worth the amount paid for your made reservation.
1. The voucher (for which a ministerial decision has been made in Belgium) is issued within 3 weeks
sent to you by e-mail. You do not need to take any further action for this.
2. Receipt and use of this voucher will be deemed to be
acceptance of the voucher and the terms of use applicable to it.
3. The voucher is valid for 12 months, so your arrival date must be no later than next year on
the same date.
General conditions
4. If you spend less than the value stated on this voucher, you will keep the remainder
of the voucher value. The issue date and validity period of the initially issued
voucher remains applicable. If you spend more than the amount stated on this voucher
value, you should pay the difference between the amount actually spent and the value of the
voucher additional payment.
5. Should you still wish to cancel after your voucher booking a cancellation policy of
50% of your total reservation amount from the initial booking.
6. The voucher will be issued to the main booker of the canceled vacation. The
main booker is the only one who can use this voucher for a new vacation. We ask
you therefore arrange this among your fellow travelers.
7. You can return you voucher at no additional cost to the booking, rebooking is free of charge
up to 48 hours after booking, after this a rebooking fee of €25.00 applies.
5. Deposit
For some rental accommodations or camping pitches, you must pay a deposit (cash) at
arrival. The deposit is listed on your confirmation. Upon departure (during opening hours of the
reception) the deposit will be refunded:
- If the rental property is left tidy and clean.
- The inventory and accommodation are still complete and undamaged.
- There is no nuisance caused to other guests of Domaine Polleur or its nearby residents.
- If the damage to the accommodation or missing inventory exceeds the paid
deposit, it will have to be paid before departure.
6. Changes to already confirmed reservations and refunds.
- Free rebooking to another accommodation is only possible if the rental price is higher
than the original rental price. The difference of the rent must be paid on the spot (rebooking during
stay) must be paid or else within the time limit as stated on the new confirmation.
- For changes that involve partial cancellation (e.g., shortening the reserved
period or earlier departure), the cancellation conditions apply if, when making
of the reservation is paid for joining the cancellation fund.
- For all other cancellations, in whole or in part, to which no cancellation fund of
applies, no refund of monies paid is possible.
- Refunds of lodging, taxes and environmental charges paid are not possible unless they are
are covered by and applicable to the terms of the cancellation fund. And if at
the making of the reservation paid for affiliation with the cancellation fund.
7. Cancel
1: A cancellation will only be considered if requested in writing.
2: A reservation can be cancelled 7 days after date of reservation without charge or
changed/rebooked, provided the reservation is made 6 weeks prior to arrival.
3: For a cancellation made between 7 days after date of reservation and 6 weeks prior to arrival
canceled, 50% of the total rental fee will be charged.
4: For cancellations less than 6 weeks prior to arrival, there will be no refund of the
monies paid.
5: In case of earlier departure or later arrival than booked there will be no refund of paid
payments take place.
6: Domaine Polleur reserves the right to cancel a reservation without giving a reason.
cancellation. Such cancellation may in no case give rise to the payment of a
compensation. In normal circumstances, the amount paid will be refunded. In case
of special circumstances / force majeure, for example: natural disaster, pandemic, war, internal or
external force majeure (caused by outside party or government), Domaine Polleur will issue a voucher,
worth the amount already paid, provide that one calendar year after the initial
arrival date will be valid. The voucher provided is not valid without written permission from
Domaine Polleur transferable to third parties and not convertible into a contact or giro asset.
8. Cancellation Fund
Membership in the cancellation fund is not mandatory, but is recommended. Because you
join the cancellation fund can be indemnified for the cost of cancellation of the
rental accommodation or camping pitch. Cancellation requests must always be requested in writing.
become. If cancellation is due to:
1. Serious accident, serious illness or death of:
a. the insured.
b. his relatives by blood or by marriage in the 1st or 2nd degree. as well as his household members, to the extent of opportunity
exists at immediate danger to life.
2. Involuntary unemployment of the participating head of household through no fault of his/her own.
3. Final disruption of the marriage, for which divorce proceedings are instituted after reservation
initiated. With this is equated the dissolution of a notarized
cohabitation agreement. Closing the cancellation fund is only possible directly at the time of booking.
The cancellation fund provides coverage from the day of booking until no later than 14 days before the
effective date of the reservation. To be eligible for payment from the cancellation fund
come, a cancellation statement and sufficient supporting documents must be submitted. At
cancellation there will be no refund of the reservation fee and premium
cancellation fund. The premium is 6.0% of the total amount of the stay. In case of the above
circumstances, we will return 100% of the total stay or rental cost excluding the
reservation fee and cancellation fund premium.
4. Refunds on cancellation request in case of other than the above
circumstances (1 through 3). The management will make a decision regarding the granting of your
application. In case of award, the scheme below will be applied:
a. 100% of the total stay or rental cost if within 7 days of the date of the
reservation confirmation is canceled, except for reservations made within 42 days before
arrival are made.
b. 50% of the total stay or rental cost, for cancellation between 7 days from the date of the
reservation confirmation and 42 days before the arrival date.
c. 25% of the total stay or rental cost, for cancellation between 42 days and 14 days before the
arrival date.
5. No refund
a. No refunds will be made for cancellations as of 14 days prior to the arrival date. The total
accommodation or rental fee will be charged. Including reservation fee and premium
for the cancellation fund.
b. In case of earlier departure than reserved due to the reason mentioned in point 1, there shall be
no refund of payments made. Unused vacation days may be prorated on a
be utilized at another time in the same calendar year provided that for the newly elected
period sufficient accommodation is available.
c. No refunds will be made for arrivals later than reserved.
d. In circumstances not covered by these terms and conditions, the management will decide.
9. Liability/Conduct Rules.
1: Domaine Polleur cannot accept liability for loss, theft, damage or injury
inflicted on or by guests of Domaine Polleur or local residents, in whatever manner such damage or
injury occurred.
2: Participation in activities organized by Domaine Polleur or by third parties, shall be entirely
at your own risk.
3: All guests of Domaine Polleur or guests of counterparties/partners who have accommodations
rent or offer activities at Domaine Polleur must confirm to the
rules of conduct (available on the website, handed out upon arrival or mentioned on the confirmation) to
4: The guest(s) causing a nuisance or inconvenience may be removed, after a warning, without
refund of payments or deposit.
5: Statements made by Domaine Polleur employees, in any capacity, regarding the
liability of Domaine Polleur / resellers / partners, do not bind Domaine Polleur.
10. Refusal
We reserve the right to refuse guests on our premises who do not belong to our
target group or to those of our partners. Such as: (traveling) families or groups,
(traveling) workmen, motorized associations, larger parties, etc., without being
made known in advance in writing (letter or e-mail exchange) in the reservation or expressly and
explicitly made known upon arrival and agreed to.
11. Cookies
- Cookies
Through our website, a cookie is set by the U.S. company Google, as part of the
"Analytics" service. We use this service to track and get reports on how
visitors use the website. Google may provide this information to third parties if Google
required to do so by law, or to the extent that third parties process the information on Google's behalf. We
have no influence on this. The information is transmitted to and by Google and is
stored on servers.
- Remarketing Cookies
If you consent to the placement of cookies, this website uses forms of
Remarketing to remind the visitor of this website again up to 7 times, possibly
through third-party websites or Google. These third parties may display a text or image to show the
to remind visitors to visit one of Domaine Polleur's websites.
- Refusing or deleting cookies
You can set your browser not to display a new
receive more cookies. How to set this varies by browser. View the
help function of the browser you are using. There you can also find out how to edit previously placed
cookies. Should you no longer wish to receive cookies at all you will
need to change these settings on all browsers and on all computers you use.
If you reject or delete cookies, you may not be able to use all the
capabilities of the website, or that you cannot access parts of the website.
12. Deliveries
Deliveries of emergency medication are permitted by arrangement (upon arrival or during the stay) at the
reception. The delivery service is not allowed to deliver to the pitch or at the
rental property. Couriers drive fast which is dangerous for our guests.
Delivery of any other goods or meals, other than urgent medical goods, are not
allowed at the reception or elsewhere on Domaine Polleur grounds.
Please contact us for more information.
13. Amendment clause
The recreation company is entitled to unilaterally change the General Conditions. The latest version of the General Conditions can be found on our website or is available for inspection at the reception desk.