• 6 people
  • 3 bedrooms
  • 1 bathrooms
  • Separate toilet
  • Covered terrace
  • With dishwasher

Mobile Home: luxury and comfort in nature

Welcome to the Belgian Ardennes, where the Mobile Home offers a perfect combination of luxury, comfort and beautiful nature. With its distinctive appearance, this accommodation immediately attracts attention. We have spacious plots with unobstructed views of fine nature and the spots give you plenty of private space, while also allowing you to enjoy the cozy camping life.

Features of the Mobile Home:

🌿 Natural Views: Spacious plots with fine views of nature. With a canopy for other type of nice weather.
🏡 S pacious Design: Both inside and outside, the Mobile Home offers enough space for a relaxing vacation.
🛌 Sleeps: Sleeps 6 with double bed of 1.90m by 1.60m and single bed of 1.90m by 0.80m. Sheets, comforters and pillows are provided.
🍽️ Kitchen: Fully equipped with all standard conveniences. No need to wash dishes yourself, just enjoy.
🚿 Bathroom Facilities: Standard conveniences to make your vacation as enjoyable as possible.
🍽️ Dining Options: Restaurant on site and even delivery during summer vacations via the app.

What you need to bring yourself:

🛀 Personal Amenities: Towels and tea towels.
🌅 O utdoor fun: bbq is allowed but not included in the accommodation.

Let nature be your luxury!

Rates and availability

Is the accommodation no longer available in the period you want to go? Then check here which accommodations are still available.

Camping near Spa Francorchamps

In the Belgian Ardennes lies the circuit Spa Franchorchamps. According to many it is the most beautiful circuit in the Benelux where the Formula 1 Grand Prix is held every year. The campsite is just a 25-minute drive from the circuit, making it the ideal base to visit the track. Here you can get a guided tour to learn the history of the track. In addition, there are regular events that you can attend.

During the F1 weekend, our campsite becomes the place-to-be for racing enthusiasts. During this weekend, take advantage of the special F1 package to complete the experience.

Are barbecues allowed at the accommodation?

It is allowed to BBQ at your accommodation. We only ask you to take care to place the BBQ at least 40 cm from the ground. In addition, you may not place BBQs on the wooden steps and plastic tiles/tables at the accommodation. These can melt due to the heat.

Are dogs allowed in the Mobile Home?

Dogs are allowed in our accommodations (maximum 2). The cost is €5.00 per night per pet. Dogs must be leashed at all times, also at your accommodation. Tip! If you would like your dog to run loose near your accommodation. Provide a fence around the garden. This way, your dog can still run free, but not visit other campers.