Domaine Polleur and Survival Life are Eco Friendly!

The overwhelming natural beauty surrounding our property obliges us to conduct business as "Green" as possible, to cherish this beauty for the future.

Domaine Polleur and Survival Life attach great importance to the environmental impact of its activities and to the sustainability of the materials used. This is why we have taken several measures in recent years that have minimized the impact of its activities on the environment. These measures are at different levels.

Solar Panels

Domaine Polleur has 81000 watts of solar panels. This capacity is sufficient to be autonomous in power needs on a sunny day.


Domaine Polleur has 81000 watts of solar panels to provide all guests and facilities with electricity as autonomously as possible. Because we are located in a valley, a wind turbine is not an option and we are unfortunately not allowed to place a waterwheel/turbine in the stream that flows alongside the domaine.


The lighting that must be on continuously (sanitary facilities) is equipped with Led and the (outdoor) site lighting is equipped with energy-saving bulbs. Motion detectors have been installed in storage areas so that one cannot forget to turn off the lights when leaving.


  • The (cold and hot) water that flows from our taps and showers is naturally purified and comes from the High Fens (Eifel), just like the famous Spa water. The water is periodically inspected.
  • The showers feature water-saving showerheads without reducing comfort. The built-in timer ensures conscious use. You can keep showering for long periods of time though by pressing the timer button several times, comfort is still important.
  • The toilets and urinals are flushed with filtered water from the stream that flows alongside the domaine. The used (waste) water is treated in our own microbiological treatment plant before being returned to nature.
  • The water is heated by (butane/Propane) Gas boilers instead of the, in this region commonly used (household diesel) Mazout boilers.


The pool is heated by a collector in the asphalt (the sun heats the asphalt and thus the pool) and heat pumps. The heat pumps deliver 5 times more energy than they use so the water is heated very energy efficiently. The electricity needed is generated by the solar panels. Through automated water treatment, products are added as effectively as possible to ensure hygiene.

Waste separation

At the top of the domaine, at the central entrance (barrier), is the environmental park. Here you can hand in your waste separately so that some of your waste is reused. You can separate into paper/cardboard, glass, iron/aluminum and BBQ coals. The garbage collection service does not give us the opportunity to further separate the waste such as GFT and plastics. The waste goes to an incinerator where the heat is used to make steam for power turbines, the residual heat is used for the district heating of Liege/Liege. The used oils and fats from the kitchen/cafeteria/snack bar are turned in to a recycling company that processes it into biodiesel.


All the pruning wood is recycled, the branches are shredded and used for paths on the outdoor property, and the logs are used in wood stoves in the winter to heat homes.